2017  Events Page One

Photographers -  Paul Atkinson, Ivan Lajeunesse, Bill Fleming, Al Dalsvaag.

Ok men, now listen up . . . I would hate to see any of you getting lost!



Meet Dugie, one of the team that creates the following gems!

Do you remember the 'Maiden Voyage' of Jim's '51 Caddy to Revelstoke?

Well, here it sits today!

When it comes home it will look similar to some of the vehicles that follow!


An amazing dash compared to today's dashes!

I bet not too many youngster would know what this is!! 


Won't tell you what year this REO is, but Tom drove one just like it.

It's amazing how these guys can bring a piece of trim back to life!

Look ladies, NO GRAVY, and we DID NOT EAT ALL our fries!

Super day for "old car" buffs!

Especially given what the weatherman delivered the next day.

Thank You, Jim, for organizing the tour and thanks to our host, Dugie, for a wonderful experience.

MARCH 11th 'SHOP TALK' + a couple cook trailer shots.

Harry begins a session on Carburetors.

Good stuff! Jack finds out why his '42 Coupe gave up on May Tour.

Notice our cook trailer being used as a work bench.

This is what it looked like a few days ago!

WOW! What an improvement!

Thanks you to Bob & Josie for hosting today's Shop Talk.

OK Chapter St. Patrick's Day Celebration 2017

Food is all gone, time for the fun to start!


Thanks to Bea and Audrey for such a great time.

Name that tune. Lots of laughs!


Please note, for later pictures, the nice pink balls in the box!

QUICK!! See if we can get the 'CAN SETTER'.


A couple of retired School teachers show their skill!

Maybe a skill their classroom kids taught them?

Time for the ladies to show their skill!

Guess who these members are. All are present here tonight!

Who's picture is who's?


A whole lot of "SHAKEN' going on!

Got one!!!

Now we're cooking!

Food was good, lots of laughs, a great time shared by all!

Thanks again, Bea and Audrey, for all your planning and execution!