The following items are a glimpse into the history of our Okanagan Chapter .


. . . ARTICLES from our Chapters Past.

Roy Sisetki's 1928 Ford Model A sports roadster.

He purchased this car, which had 14,000 original miles on it, in 1960 from the original owner in Foam Lake, Sask., and drove it to Kelowna in August 1966. He says the car is in "mint" condition. A newcomer to Kelowna, Mr. Sisetki was instrumental in starting the Okanagan Vintage Car club here. President is C.W. (Chic) Gray. Caption to a Courier Photo November 1966.


Okanagan Chapter Beginning

The start of the Okanagan Vintage Car Club: now the Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car club of Canada. As prepared by Dayton Ross.

"While I was having my hair cut in Roy Sisetki's Barber Shop I saw a picture of Roy's Model A and the talk got around to old cars. Roy is a lifetime member of the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club and I was a member of the Vintage Car Club of Canada from October 1960. We thought it would be nice if we could get a club going here in Kelowna. Roy knew Marvin Lewis and Stan Titanch and I passed a house on my home from town with a Model A in the carport. The name on the mail box was Chic Gray. I phoned Chic and he was interested and gave me the names of 9 others that he thought would also be. I phoned them all and Gordon Thomas was one. The first meeting was held in Roy's Barbershop and the club was started with the following 6 original members: Roy Sisetki, Dayton Ross, Chic Gray, Gordon Thomas, Marvin Lewis and Stan Titanch, with the first 4 still members."

This could be an early Banquet. Sorry no information. 

BUT, look carefully at the item - K.V.C.C. 

Kelowna Vintage Car Club????

Rutland's ORIGINAL fire truck was an entry in Peachland's Centennial Parade Saturday and a popular one at that as a number of youngsters along the route clad in bathing suits were obliged with squirts of water from the ancient vehicle. 

ANCIENT FORD MODEL T, the pride and joy of the late Henry Ford, was a hit of the Peachland Centennial Parade, followed by an early model Packard, a popular luxury car in its day. Can anyone provide a date??


Capital News Dec. 13, 1967

   At the recent Okanagan Vintage Car Club General meeting, Chic Gray from Kelowna was elected Chairman, while Bill Austin of Summerland was elected Secretary Treasurer for the coming year.

   Chuck Robertson from Westbank was elected Activities Chairman with Doug Pitman from Peachland, Ray Johnson from Penticton, and Gordon Thomas from Kelowna as committee members.

   At the first meeting 15 people attended, representing most parts of the Okanagan Valley.

   The oldest car in the club, a 1902 Holsman, belongs to Mr. W.J. Brown of Kelowna and the newest automobile is a 1935 Ford belonging to Roy Johnson of Penticton.

   The Pulse of the Vintage Car Club, is to display the old timers and show off as often as possible. The first club outing will be in the spring, possible May 24th week-end. It is hoped that 12 Okanagan vintage cars will in running condition and ready for display.

   The next meeting will be January 7th, 2:00 p.m. in the Centennial Room, Kelowna Memorial Arena. Owners for all parts of the Okanagan with vintage cars 1936 and older, are welcome to attend.



(Capital News Jan. 10, 1968)

   At the recent Okanagan Vintage Car club meeting in the Centennial Room of the Kelowna and District Memorial Arena, twenty-two vintage car owners from nine valley communities attended the third meeting of the newly formed group. Areas represented were Vernon, Rutland, Kelowna, Okanagan Mission, Westbank, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Oliver.

   A motion from Doug Pittman of Peachland and seconded by W. J. Brown of Kelowna was carried that the group have car emblems made. These would be red, white and blue in colour with the oldest care, a 1902 Holsman, painted in the center of the emblem. The tri coloured emblems will be made of heavy gauge aluminum and suitable for affixing to a license plates.

   Activities Chairman Chuck Robertson of Westbank reported the possibilities of the Vintage cars being entered in the Brier Cup Parade in Kelowna this Spring. Also a minimum of four Vintage cars will represent the Valley group in the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade February 3rd.

    A three man committee headed by Gordon Thomas of Kelowna with Marvin Lewis also from Kelowna and Chuck Robertson from Westbank, will draw up a constitution for the group using the Saskatoon Vintage Car Club and the Vintage Car Club of Canada constitutions as guide. At the next meeting the group will vote on the acceptance of the committee’s report.

    At the close of the meeting, a general swap and shop of vintage car parts and restoration techniques took place. The next meeting will be February 4th 2:00 p.m. in the Centennial Room of the Kelowna Memorial Arena.

Henry & Jean Falck's 1931Chevrolet Independence

Pace Will Be Relaxing During Vintage Car Tour. Courier May 16, 1968

  At the recent monthly meeting of the Okanagan vintage Car Club, plans were completed for the May Day Vintage Car Cavalcade.

  The assembly point will be Shops Capri in Kelowna Sunday morning, with the tour starting at 11:30 a.m.

  The tour will progress through the Glenmore district and arrive at the Rutland Centennial Park at 12:10 p.m.  The vintage cars will be on display for 15 minutes in Rutland before the tour continues through East Kelowna and Okanagan Mission areas, arriving at the Eldorado Arms at 1:30 p.m.

  John Hindle, Innkeeper of the Arms, offered his facilities to the Vintage Car club as a water stop for the old cars and a relaxation point for passengers and drivers.  Since the Eldorado is known for its English motif and quaintness, a tea and crumpet party is planned. The cars will be on show to the public and at 2 p.m. the tour heads along Lakeshore into the Kelowna city Park.

  About 2:45 p.m. the antique cars will head west across Okanagan Lake bridge and through the Lakeview Heights area to Mission Hill and on to Westbank. After driving over part of the original Highway 97, around Shannon Lake, the cars will then travel to Peachland for a no host picnic.

  Vintage car owners from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area are expected to travel to Kelowna to participate in the first May Day Cavalcade


On your right - Showing off their cars are members of the Okanagan Vintage Car Club who are preparing their vehicles for the fourth annual tour this weekend through Osoyoos, Keremeos and Penticton. They are diagonally (left to right, front): '28 Model A Ford - Roy Sisetki, Kelowna; '40 Ford Coupe - Merle Jones, Rutland; '35 Ford Sedan - Dick Brunt, Rutland; '20 Model T ford - Bob McKeever, Kaleden; (second row) '36 Cadillac - Bill Thiel, Penticton; '24 McLaughlan Buick - Doug Pitman, Peachland; '25 Studebaker California Hardtop - Casey Sanders, Keremeos; '33 Hudson Terraplane - Bob Wood, Rutland; '22 McLaughlan Buick - Dayton Ross, Okanagan Mission; (third row)'48 Dodge - Bill Austin, Summerland; '37 LaSalle - Ken Clark, Okanagan Mission; '36 Hudson Terraplane - Jim Green, Rutland; '39 Chevrolet - Jack Nuttal, Penticton; '46 Chevrolet - Fred Gray, Peachland. 

CAUGHT!  Kamloops Sentinel, Monday April 3, 1972

Photo by Mike Rimmer

Little does Const. W. J. Eglinski know that while he has Clyde reaching for the sky outside, Bonnie is inside the Bank of Montreal at the Fortune Shopping Center cleaning the place out. It is almost an April Fool's joke, except this dramatic moment was captured Sunday, just before the Vintage Car parade held by the Kamloops and district Jaycees was about to begin. Clyde, alias Bill Thiel of Penticton, gave himself up to Constable Eglinski when he found his machine gun was only a toy. The police car, a 1933 Plymouth supplied by Ray Ford of Westsyde, was equipped with red light, siren, and insignia through the kind co-operation of Kamloops RCMP.

International Vintage Tour Coming for the First Time 

Wednesday, January 19, 1972 - Kelowna Courier

  Some will shake, some will rattle, but all will roll towards Kelowna on the July 1 weekend to participate in the 11th Annual International Vintage Car Tour.

  The tour is being sponsored by the Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada. This year marks the first time the event has had the sponsorship of the VCCC and the first time the tour has been to the Okanagan Valley.

  Tour Chairman Irving Marshall and his committee anticipate that between 150 and 175 vintage, classic and antique vehicles will participate in the tour which begins officially Saturday, July 1 with tours, mini tours, car games, car rodeos and a banquet and dance. To end the tour a swap meet and other activities are planned for July 2.

  In past years the International Vintage Car tour has been held in Calgary, Cranbrook, Lethbridge, Baniff, Kalispell, Montana, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington.

  Mr. Marshall has pointed out that being a vintage car owner is not a pre-requisite for participation in the tour, but said registration in advance is advisable for those wishing to take part.



Memories of days gone by will be stirred up once more as Orchard Park Mall presents display of antique cars. The old roadsters display is put on by the Okanagan Chapter of the VCCC, and will be in the mall until Saturday. Shown are two members of the car club putting the final touches on a 1928 Ford Model A which is destined to turned into a roadster. Mechanics are left to right, Brian Woods and Darrel Brunt.


LETTER TO EDITOR. Kelowna Courier July, 11 1972

Boosts Valley


  We attended the Vintage Car Club of Kelowna tour hosted by your Okanagan Chapter of vintage car owners this past weekend. We want you to know it was a memorable tour and the people of Kelowna and Winfield should be proud of its citizens. We pulled our 1932 Ford sedan for the occasion and stayed in your tent town in our camper. Such a green and tempting campground. 

  The last time we were through Kelowna was by ferry - about 1956 - when we went to Shuswap Lake to fish. What a change with your floating bridge. During the 30-mile ride on the perimeter of Kelowna, we were amazed at the many lovely new homes and beautiful landscape.

  Many newcomers to your country who are drawn by your sunlight and lakes hastened to tell us why they came to Kelowna. One of own 40-year tenure, Yakimans - Jean Linse now of Winfield - brought her green thumb and is landscaping her place above the lake near town.

  We felt at home in Kelowna because Yakima has the same climate and many of the same crops. We ate lots of your cherries and sipped your wines at the wine and cheese party - one of your tour events.

  The meals were excellent. Your arena is the best place in which to gather. Ample guarded parking for the many valuable cars was appreciated. We appreciated it and I am sure others who may not have written feel as we do about this.

  We were helped by your young lady at the Visitors' Information Booth out towards Winfield way most pleasantly. That is a good service to strangers, too.

  We have written to the Vintage Car Club hosting the tour but we felt another thank you to the citizens of your area should be made directly.

Sincerely yours,

MR. and MRS. ROYAL G. LITTLE, Yakima, Washington



 Cars like these will be shown at Orchard Park the week of Feb. 7. The show is being arranged by the Okanagan Vintage Car Club. From the left: a 1936 Cadillac owned by Bill Theil of  Penticton; a 1930 Model A Ford owned by Irvine Marshall of Rutland; a 1920 Model T Ford owned by Bob McKeever of Kaleden; a 1925 Studebaker California hardtop owned by Casey Sanders of Kelowna; and a 1930 Model A Ford owned by Chuck Robertson of Westbank. The club has 54 members from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos. President is Dick Brunt of Kelowna.

Daily Courier February 8, 1974.

The good times, though outshine the bad as Mrs. Galpin's display glows with the hospitality so long forgotten.

VINTAGE CARS  Mall Display Depicts Pioneer Past  

          By Dean McNulty, Kelowna Courier  Feb. 8, 1974

   The smell of burning applewood, the sound of butter being churned in the back room and the quiet peacefulness of families gathered around the wireless were all brought back into focus this week in Orchard Park.

   Together with a display of 25 antique cars brought to the mall by the Okanagan Vintage Car Club, the scene was reminiscent of an old movie to the young and a near-forgotten past to the old.

   One of the more interesting aspects of the display was a complete kitchen circa 1920 from the collection of Bernice Galpin of Peachland.

   In a day when life's values and pleasures are as fleeting as a passing moment, the display brought reassurance that things have not always been this way. For amateur historians, it presented a rare opportunity to view first-hand how our lives have been shaped.

GOOD OLD DAYS  Mrs. Galpin has preserved, from family collections, a moment of what many term "the good old days".  

   The immaculate porcelain dishes which adorn the rough but sturdy cupboards remind the visitor of the equally rough and sturdy meals which had been served on the plates.



  Vintage Car Club of Canada, Okanagan Chapter, held its Chuck's Spring Rallye from the Capri Shopping Center Sunday. The event is the culmination of an idea sparked by organizer Chuck Robertson's participation in a rally during Kelowna's Snowfest.

   Under sunny skies, 13 shiny beautiful vintage cars motored through orchards, farms and vineyards of South East Kelowna to the Winfield Shopping Center, ending shortly after noon. No breakdowns or flat tires were experience, only some thirsty but smiling people at the finish.

   The oldest vehicle, a 1922 Model T Ford touring, owned and driven by Bob McKeever of Kaleden finished the Rallye despite the severe handicap of having no speedometer or odometer. Bob had a few other problems, reverse pooped out and the brakes needed some slight adjustment along the route, but they finished in good time.

  Otto Oltmanns drove his green and black 1929 Hudson Super Six Sedan. Hi beautiful car could be seen a long way off as this automobile sports the whitest, widest whitewalls, twin side mounts with spoke wheels.

   Other cars included: Chic Gray drove his fresh from the paint shop cream colored 1939 LaSalle coupe; Doug Pitman in his 1936 Buick Coupe; Edith Pitman drove their 1936 Buick Phaeton; Fifth for Gordon Thomas who drove Chuck's 1930 Model A Sedan; Lily Wood took Fourth Place driving hubby's 1933 Terraplane; Third Place went to Archie August driving a two tone green 1930 Model A Ford; Brian Argyle, a new member driving a dark blue 1935 Ford Coupe with a rumble seat took Second Place; Cliff McKeever, driving his father's 1929 Plymouth sedan was the youngest driver, 16 years old, from Kaleden took First Place.

CLASSIC DESIGN. Jan. 12, 1974. D Paterson Photo

  Dusenberg Model J, built in 1931, is one of the feature attractions at the Pacific International Auto Show at the PNE, and obviously a favorite with Leslie Lewarne, too. Beautifully-made, high-powered machine was most remarkable car of its era in North America.

Hometown tour hosted by Oyama man. The Calendar August 5, 1981

Snippets & pictures from this Calendar article.

  The Jack Bergeron residence in Oyama was the scene of a four day vintage car "Hometown Tour" over the past long weekend. Approximately thirty-five vintage cars and their owners participated in the 4 day camp-out at Oyama. Tour was sponsored by the Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car club of Canada. The Okanagan Chapter takes in members from Oyama to Peachland and currently has a membership of 110, and the club is growing.

   We talked to club spokesman Dick Brunt Sunday to find out some of the details and activities of the Okanagan Chapter.

   Most of the members have antique cars, but having a car is not a pre-requite for membership. To qualify as an antique car a vehicle must be thirty years old. The Okanagan Chapter have members with cars as old as 19.3 and 1908.  The value of the cars is based on what the buyer is willing to put out to purchase them. Although values may vary depending on the quality of workmanship in restoration, most of the cars from the twenties and thirties are valued in the neighborhood of $15.00 (1981 Prices!) After talking to some of the car owners Sunday, we concluded that many of the cars were not for sale for any price.



Dick Brunt poses with his 1931 Ford Model A deluxe roadster. Dick spent four years collecting parts before he could restore his car. The car looks better than the day it was made but the price has gone up from a retail around $800.00 in 1931 to an estimated $20,000.00 fifty years later in 1981.

   Whenever the antique car club has a show, parade or function etc., they are usually the center of attention. Dick summed up what brings out the car buff in everyone. "Everybody likes old cars, young or old alike recognize the old cars for what it's worth. What are really becoming popular are the cars from the fifties, and I think that every generation will have a soft spot in their hearts for cars they grew up with." said Brunt.




It was advertised in 1938 as the new Ford "Model A" which replaced to old reliable "Model T". This collectors dream has only 17,000 original miles and is exactly the same as the day its original Foam Lake Sask. owner drove it out of the showroom in 1928. The only thing new on this car was the tires. The original paint job is still shiny and new looking, an indication of much better a paint was used back in those good old days. Price in 1928 about $470.00 

Does this 1931 Chevrolet bring back some fond memories? This beauty would tickle any car buff's fancy.

Rah rah rumble seats and running boards . . . from the days when double dating often left one couple "put in the cold."

Snippets from Vintage cars  . . . the only way to go.

The Salmon Arm Observer, July 16, 1975 by Greg Osadhuk


   Abandoning the spoils of the modern automobile, we were forced to use a crank start the motor . A swing of the crank, the motor fired, but immediately died. A second turn of the crank, and this time the motor started.

   It wasn't the purring sound that a new car would make, but rather a lagging at intervals pounding that sounded as if the motor would quit at any moment. The pulse on the old motor continued as we climbed into the 1927 Chevrolet and before we knew it were roaring out of Salmon Arm in excess of 35 miles per hour. 

   For the remainder of the weekend we would be part of a fascinating group of different people - the vintage car buffs.


HARD LUCK  With old cars, mechanical troubles are frequent. At the end of a car run the car and driver who experiences the most problems is presented an award called the "Hard Luck Trophy". Today it was this 1928 Model A Ford.

   The run we participated in was sponsored by the Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada. Twelve cars were in the tour from Kelowna towards Merritt, back to Kamloops, and to Falkland the next day before returning to Kelowna. (Note this was before the Connector, They probably went via the Douglas Lake Ranch route from Falkland to Merritt, then to Kamloops). 

   Most vintage car runs occur on long weekends and holidays. The run we took part in was on the long weekend in May. Participating cars are issued a special license plate that allows them to be run only on special occasions. If the car is to be used on a more regular basis, a normal motor vehicle license plate is required.

   During our trip we encountered high winds, rain, and even a snow storm. From the slow pace of 35 to 45 miles per hour you don't mind stopping the help a fellow motorist. A little bailing wire here, plugging a leaking radiator with bubble gum, all in the spirit of the road and willingness to help is ever present.

   The weekend world of the vintage car run is an experience that both young and old can enjoy. A sort of brotherhood with the common bond of an old automobile.

LUNCH BREAK  A gathering on the side of the road is a perfect time to have lunch.

CHROME CAPS  with built-in thermometers for the Whippet and  . . . 

. . .  the 1927 Chevrolet

Another collection of black & white photos - no dates, no information!

Into some colour! Still no dates or information!

I am guessing this one is in Keremeos.


Most likely in Orchard Park Mall . . . Anyone know?

These ladies are REAL. however, . . .

. . . this one is a mannequin. 

Once upon a time we had a bunch of them collecting dust in the big trailer. 


Making the old appear new was a labor of live for Alex and June. These two photos and snippets are from a Courier article by Chris Ladd on Nov. 25, 1994. This red 1915 REO is a touring model with tall, 25-inch wheels. "We purchased it five years ago in Salem, Oregon and towed home all the pieces in a H-Haul", recalls June with a smile. The last REO cars were made in 1937 or '38, but trucks continued being built.


"The control for the spark and gas are on the steering wheel, for Pete's Sake. I call it 'cruise control' and the switches for the ignition and the lighting are down on the steering column". "The horn's not where you'd expect to find it. It's located on the inside of the drivers door - probably the last place you'd look".

These pictures look that they were take at the Famous . . .

. . . Christina Lake Campouts! They were all together, so any date??

Photos by our very own Garet, alias TopCog!

"The sign doesn't even list Westbank, my hometown 

. . . my MLA will surely hear about this one!"

CHECK the spelling of KELOWNA, too!

An interesting perspective! 

"As the years pass, it will be difficult to imagine life in the valley without Coquihalla and who knows what long term effect, positive or negative this super highway offers to all us in the province".  "For any one of us it could be be . .  friend or foe".

Looks like a Poker Run starting out at  . . .

. . . Fintry picnic ground, or was this the end?

We haven't seen this beautiful 1939 Plymouth PT81 for some time.

This looks a lot like Jack's Garage! Again, no date????

Could be 2003??


McCurdy Corner meeting spot for a driving tour over to the KAMLOOPS CHAPTER Swap Meet in Chase, B.C.

Time to deposit some of the AM coffee and fill up the mugs again!



Elsie enjoys the sunshine in the mini Car Show . . .

. . . along side the Swap Meet in the Arena.

May 2005 - Chapter members gather for a Parade to  . . .

. . . Celebrate Kelowna's Centennial Year.

After the Parade the Chapter Cars gathered in front of Prospera Place for a Car Show.