The National 50th Anniversary Driving Tour






Parking lot is full of beauties like this1930 Ford Model A.

1933 Buick.

1935 Terraplane.

1936 Packard.

1936 Cadillac.

1940 Mercury.

1954 Healy.

I think Ian likes this one!

1956 Chevrolet and matching Bolar.

All smiles in the Okanagan Sunshine!

1951 International.

More Travel Trailers.

Time to get our acts together!

Seems they want to take pictures . . .

Herbie the "Lovebug" travelled the furthest to attend the Tour!

Alaska plates are for real, however, it also resides in Washington State.

While in a wedding in Car Cross, NWT, I saw it parked in front of the Store.

Someone loose a purse?

Welcome to Washington State visitors.

Wine and cheese provided time to meet new friends and to . . . 

. . . catch up with some old ones.

Good time to check out the Tour Documents.

Time to listen up folks!

Group A meets their leader.

Group B meets their leader.


Just waiting to hit the road!

Hey Arnold, remember we drive on the opposite side in Canada.

Tours were split into two groups. 

The following should be Group A who went clockwise.

Goldpanner Campground stop.

Good time for some checking.

Needles Ferry.

Halcyon Hot Springs.

aaaaahhhhh, life is good!

Lining up for the Galena Bay Ferry.


Glacier Park Lodge.

Rogers Pass.

Golden Bridge.

Rest Stop along the way.


Radlium Hot Springs.

On the Road Again.

Group A and Group B should be passing each other soon!

Toot, toot. There they go!

Kimberly Festival.

On the road again.

Creston Brewery

What can I say? After all it probably is unique!

Kootenay Ferry.

Big Orange Bridge, or as the locals call it, BOB

Kootenay vista.

Doukabour Museum at Castalegar.

Historic Greenwood.

This should be Group A heading onto Kelowna!

Tours were split into two groups. 

The following should be Group B they went counter-clockwise.


A bit of last minute wiring.

Short stopover at Tremblay's in Beaverdell.

Grandforks. Time for a lttle chatter and . . . 

. . . some good old time music!


Been a fun day of driving.


However, it is time to setup for a good nights sleep!


Early morning! Is it time to get this show back on the road?


Paulson Blueberry is a good LONG climb!


We made it to the top!


Campground in Nelson.




A visit to the Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History.


A fun walk down the Nelson's Historic Main Street.

Balfour Ferry ride to Crawford Bay.


An abundance of Artison Shops to peruse.





Sider Store.



A restoration project under way in Crawford Bay.


Creston was our next stop.













Camping out is always fun, but . . . 


. . . the best part is swapping tales!


A BBQ is always pretty good too!


'Hat House' Promotion.


And this would be the 'upside down cake'. Oops!

The group begins to gather for a little wine, cheese and chatter. 










Another wonderful camping experience.

Now this REAL CAMPING!! Must be the youngster in the group!

Hotdogs for dinner?

Marshmellows for desert? The BEST TREATS for campers!


Met up with some nice Vintage Vehicle folks in Golden!

Three Valley Gap.

So much to see!

How is that for a VIEW!!!


We sure did eat well on this tour!

It is Saturday, we are back safe and sound  in Kelowna and . . .

. . . we are about to depart to the Pike's & Bergeron's for a BBQ!

A couple of Jack's beauties.

Jim getting the grill fired up.

More food prepartion.

Over at the Pike's the gals are setting up a fabulous Art Show.

Yes there were a lot of Vintage Vehicles . . .

. . .  so many that it took large properties to fit them all in!

The 'Art Show' was gorgeous!

The 'Hat House' was also  popular feature!

The Dance Group were popular too.

What would a VCCC Tour be without a 'Valve Car Race'.

Let'm rip!


Test run.

Let the competition start!

Another run!

And the winner is?

Our 'Down Under' participants, well thy guys any way.

Larry working the grill! Foods up folks!

Come and get it folks!

What a marvelous Tour, but it is time to end the fun!

Just a few very important Banquet pictures.

Our Australian and New Zealand visitors are welcomed.

Then  twovery special awards!!!!

Arnold & Jack shut it down a wonderful 50th VCCC May Tour.

What a wonderful DRIVING TOUR through

Beautiful Southern  British Columbia!

THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to such a successful EVENT!


           . . . 2008 OKANAGAN CHAPTER EVENTS.

 We Tour in our 'TIN' at every opportunity!


We travelled through the Marion Valley to the Yellow Lake Picnic Site on Hwy3.

Looking at the 'White Lake Observatory' from a distance.

Using backroads, we then moved onto the 'Fairview Townsite' Display.

The mountains, behind the cars, contain a number of defunct mines from this era.

Fairview, as a Townsite, hasn't existed since the early 1900's.

One of the few buidings still existing in the 50's was the Jail House. Gone now!

YIKES!!! The washrooms are all locked up!!! 

Last card handed out in Penticton.

Time to figure out who the WINNER was . . . 


Mini Car Show for the Grand Opening of WFN Pine Acres.

Halloween Party at Jim and Fran's.


Gassing up for today's PUMPKIN RUN.

A little fall weather means it's 'Tops Up!

O'Keefe Ranch Rest and Refill Stop.

Dreary day, but, not raining at the moment.

We will soon be on our way to . . . 

. . . The Deep Creek TOOL MUSEUM.

Of course, we couldn't resist stopping in Vernon . . . 

. . . at the Davison Orchards Country Village for a treat or two!