July 1st, 1988  Delta Lakeside Hotel, Penticton


1970 to 1979, the 1980's and the Preparation.


- 1970 to 1979 -

Many pictures of models and period clothing are missing from the album for this decade.

An example in the picture to your right, was to illustrate what Peggy (1972) modeled, a polka dot blouse with dark slacks.

The second picture was to be Polly (1970).  She actually modeled a polka dot coat and skirt along with a white hat.

The picture to your left was to illustrate Pam (1970) modeling a black & white dress. 


Lindsay (1970) was to be wearing a dark blue pin stripe suit with a black and white hat.


Eleanor and Clara in 1973 Patio gowns.


It's the 1970's:   Everyone wore white pants. The Beat was always the same. The fit was always tight. Hot pants. Pant suits. Mini's. Maxi's. The people wore plastic or was that polyester? This was the decade of Polyester, Polyester, Polyester. The following Polyester Leisure suit was often seen with Quiana shirts and an array of gold chains.

More missing pictures:

Dee (1973) was wearing brown, casual pants matching set... might have been a one-piece jump suit.

Polly (1977) wore a Patio dress from Africa, blue and white.

Joyce (1979) wore a short dress with same material detachable stole.

Fashions: 1970 - 1979:

   Long gowns were definitely in for formal wear.

   Platform shoes came into general fashion in 1970-71,

   High-heeled knee boots were fashionable with skirts and dresses.

   Back to natural hair and natural looking make-up.

   In the later 70's, longer, looser cuts became fashionable for women.



Laurie - (1977) fitted top, long skirt                            Laura - (1971)          

Lillian - (1970) & Anne - (1978)    Ernie - (1970) & Dawn - (1978)

The new generation seemed to have blaring music at all times. Head-sets became very common and these saved the hearing of those others around the listener. 


The seventies were dominated by several energy crunches and the horsepower race ground to a halt. Prime Minister Joe Clarke, in his re-election speech, said he would allow home owners to claim interest on mortgages on income tax forms, but would increase gasoline prices to 19 cents a litre. He was defeated. Prime Minister Trudeau increased gasoline to 39 cents per litre very quickly.

People suddenly wanted cars that went a good distance on a gallon of gas, and the imports took a bigger chunk of the market than ever.

Automobile manufacturers, by the mid seventies, had shed hundreds of pounds of weight and several feet in length of their vehicles. The last convertible, supposedly, was to be built in 1976. American cars started to appear with front wheel drive by the end of the decade.

People started buying vans to convert to campers for holidays, due to very high gasoline prices.


-1971 Pierre Trudeau married Margaret Sinclair. This was called the romance of the decade.

-1972 election, Trudeaumania was still with us. He was the first Head of State to visit the Peoples Republic of China.

-Canadian singer Anne Murray's first big hit was "Snowbird".

-Canadian hockey stars: Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito.

-Alan Eagleson organized the Canada Cup Series.

-1972 Breathalyzers were used on drinking drivers.

-In the majority of Canadian homes the head of the family was no longer the father.


-Drug trafficking was the #1 International Crime. #2, off all things, was ART theft!

-More than half of Canada's men supposedly read skin magazines.

-1976 Rene Le'vesque led the Parti Quebecois to victory in the Quebec Provincial Election.

-Living together relationships were commonplace.

-60% of all households were taking cable TV services.

-Dave Barrett's NDP ended WAC Bennett's Social Credit rule in B.C.

-Top songs: Let It Be, Joy to the World, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Seasons in the Sun, Love Will Keep Us Together.

-Top Movies: Midnight Cowboy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Cabaret, Bound for Glory and International Velvet.

- 1980 to 1988 -

Cars of the eighties are the result of almost 100 years of technology and change.

The fact that they all look alike and act alike is testament that most companies think alike and have the same information available.

Except for a few cases, most of the fun has gone from owning a car. This is probably why the Vintage Car movement is popular - BECAUSE THESE CARS WERE AND ARE FUN TO DRIVE.

Women drivers are now commonplace. Households average 1.5 children and 2.5 automobiles.

YES! They really are FUN to DRIVE!

The 'GET in SHAPE' years.


 Fashions for the 1980's:

 - Baby Boomers corner the market.

 - Emphasis on natural fabrics such as silk and linen.

 - Haute couture and haute cuisine brings grace to living again. However, wrinkles in natural fabrics brought out the ironing board after all Polyester and man-made fibers were wash & wear.

 - Professional and business 'look' on the rise. Dress the image.

 - All lengths in vogue. The total look makes the statement.

 - Early 1980s gold was #1. With the natural influence in fabric colours silver and copper jewellery made their appearance.

 - Black and white became predominant, the sling back shoe, more pointed, and available in multi heel heights. 

 - Hair spray returns. Bold lips, soft eye make-up.

Laura - (1981) would have modeled a similar outfit.

Lindsay - (1982) would have worn a body suit and leotard similar to this.

NEON JAMS circa 1989

For skateboards, surfboards, but definitely not school boards.

Fitness & togetherness. Very casual in the 80's.

Marjorie - (1980) Similar, but in fact she . . .

wore a visor hat, yellow stripe on a light sweater with long sleeves. Casual blue slacks.

Polly - (1980)

Laura - (1980's night wear)  Avril - (1980's day wear).

Margaret - (1984) would have worn a similar outfit.

Beige flare gopher slacks, brown belt, light tailored blouse, boots.

Tara - (1986) Her dress would have had a top similar to this picture.

Velvet and black lace long dress, V neck, tight waist and long sleeves.

Laura - (1983) wore a similar dress.   Polly - (1987)

Dawn and Candace - (1982) Bride and Flower Girl.

Parents of the Bride - (1982)


- Christmas of 1987 found us looking around our closets and asking members and friends for clothing and costumes that might be used for a fashion Show as entertainment for the 1988, July 1st, International Tour to be held in Penticton, B.C.

- After clothing was gathered, we then went through the membership to see who could and would model the costumes for each decade.

- We gathered with clothing and willing models in May 1988, at the Columbus Hall in Kelowna for a trial run through. Using a piece of Styrofoam with lines of pins for each decade, we were able to organize our fashion parade with no dress rehearsal.





- Research for the music to go with each decade:

- Went to the Library.

- Old records (78's) of the Tanners, Greens and Orsteds.

- Folks remember different events and musicians.

- Hi-fi records, 33's, stereo records, the cassettes and 8 tracks.

- Re-recorded music, chosen, onto a tape. Then created a separate tape for each decade of about 15 minutes.

- As Garet & Marnie were very involve in the July 1, 1988 Westsyde Days we called on Murray to help Jim with the music during the fashion show.


Garet & Marnie                                Jim & Polly


Hairstyles were done by the Rutland School of Hairdressers.

Dressing rooms, provided by the Delta Hotel, were like a bee hive.



- Three Delta Hotel rooms were used as dressing rooms -

  S.S. Sicamous: This room used by our male models. Edith aided especially with the military uniforms.

  S.S. YORK: This room included mostly Penticton models along with Tara and Marie. Helpers were Irene, Clara, Linda and Margaret.

   S.S. OKANAGAN: and the S.S. Aberdeen: Mainly Kelowna and area models. Helpers were Sue, Elsie, Irene, Jean, Daphne.

   Last Check Line-Up: Jay and Betty.



THANK YOU all for loan of shoes, hats, gloves, jewellry, purses, coats, gowns, and the shirts off your backs for costumes.


The dressing rooms seemed like a steam bath for those having to change costumes for each decade.

THANK YOU to our Piper who certainly settled down the crowd.

Sure wish we could have found an American Flag for Ray, up from Oroville.





Tour Chairman for 1988 Chic Gray (No picture)

Nancy (South)  & Darleen (Okanagan)

Sorry about the picture! 

THANK YOU Commentators: Bonnie for clothing and Dick for automobiles.

Sorting and staring this album, March 3, 1991.

THANK YOU, to Gerry, for this album's cover, page numbers and page headings.

Publisher of this Album was Betty.

THANK YOU, everyone, for pictures or negatives.

THANK YOU, Autoettes, for financing the project.

Just had to leave you with a sampling of the notes included in the back of the Album.

Hope you enjoyed the look back in time!