2017  Events Page Three

Photography -  Bill Fleming, Al Dalsvaag,

This years GANG for the Annual Blossom Tour South.

Centerpiece of the Tour was the Nk'Mip Cultural Centre.

Looks like a friendly Bull Snake! As kids we used to have them as pets!

Scrumptious food at the Summerland Stone House on the way home.

What a wonderful venue for a Show & Shine . . .

. . .  marvelous treats, coffee and lunch, too!

Time to unload the 'Model T'.

Jack is busy getting Jack to sign in!

The coffee and treats were appreciated!

It didn't take long for the Residents to check out our vehicles!

Meanwhile, two Buick guys are . . . 

. . .  comparing notes!

Jack's '42 Ford gets the once over!

The 1919 Model T is receiving the same scrutiny, also!

This gentleman was very familiar with Model T's.

He drove one a few years back, albeit a 1926 T.

A pristine CORVETTE!!

If we get lucky, it might join our Club. Of course, along with it's owner!

Hopefully, next year we will have Patrick's '55 Bel Air join us.

Truck guys talking truck stuff!

Memories of the 2008 VCCC May 50th Anniversary Driving Tour!

Time to  . . .

. . . pack them up and . . .

 . . .  head on home!

What a grand day to show off our vehicles!

The folks at Sandalwood, once again, treated us 'Royally'.


A Thank You to the Okanagan Chapter members

who displayed their vehicles!


SATURDAY TOUR - Jennen's Fire Truck Display  . . .

. . . Jammery for lunch and then Planet Bee Honey Farm

Just checking before we head over to  . . .

. . . the Kelowna Fire Station 1.

Superb lunch at the JAMMERY  . . .

. . .  lots to see in the SHOP!

What an amazing place!

A SMALL, but appreciative tour group!

Time for a "SELPHIE" as we head home.


 for executing this wonderful Tour.

Lots to see and a lovely day for a drive!