2017  Events Page Four

Photography -  Al Dalsvaag, Garet Tanner, Bill Fleming, Lorne & Jacqueline Sauer


. . . and SHAKEDOWN.

Coffee and chatter is always a popular combination.


Helping hands on the initial set up.

Ian begins the assembly demonstration!

The stainless steel tray and burner for the onions.

The burner and griddle set up.

Note how the griddle slides out from the trailer body.

Time to fire it up! New griddle is a breeze to clean.


Ian loads up the onion tray and  . . .

. . . then Garry proceeds to cook them up to perfection!

The 'Boys' are cooking up a storm! 24 burgers at a time and . . . 

. . . lots of onions to draw in the customers!


. . . and what else would a car club use for a table!

Then again, some folks are more traditional!

Standing works, too!

Sometime during the proceedings Jim begins to dismantle a . . .

. . .  12 volt battery with some help from Dave.


Harrison discusses time sensitive investment option for the . . .

. . . Chapter Term Deposits and our Savings Account.


Looks like the 'TESTERS' enjoyed some sunshine and the  

"Familiarization and Shakedown"

of the upgraded Cook Trailer.


 A great BIG THANK YOU to all that helped with upgrading the Cook Trailer. Especially Bob Cunningham, Dave Murphy, Ian Pike and Jim Kehoe.



 Father Pandozy Mission Tractor & Machine Fair


Friday afternoon set up for the weekend event!


Placing the initial piece for the VCCC Cook Trailer.


A couple of handsome dudes checking things out.

Cook Trailer 'CREW BOSS' is busy getting today's grew organized!

Only some of the goods required for the Event!

They sure look good!

Next comes the freezer!

Time for a little 'Manpower' . . .

. . . but it required the 'Boss' to assist in finishing the job!

Bruce's restored wagons! The Black one belonged to his Grandfather. 

He also restored the Green 1881 Democrat.

Here comes the 'Last Piece', and . . .

. . .  the essential piece - the 'COOK TRAILER'.

That's it! Leave it right there . . .  

 . . . time to unpack and set it up!

A lot of pieces to put together.

I think I'll just lay here in the shade and observe it all!

Time to get those onions ready!


Cook Trailer is beginning to come together!

Lots of 'Supervisors'. . . we should be able figure how do this!

Two heavy machines wait their turn for the forklift.

The Tractor Guys are also setting up!

This electric hoist sure does a slick job getting the machines off and on.

Slow, in control, and safely off the trailer it comes . . . 

. . . but, ultimately, requires some manpower.

Vintage Forklift moves the 1935 International Harvestor 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hp water cooled engine display mounted to a water pump.

Meanwhile, back at the 'Cook Trailer' things are really shaping up.

The way I see it is  . . .

It is now Day One of the Two Day Affair!

Cook Trailer has finished breakfast for the Power Club, now open for general business..

The 'Early Morning Crew' had to start VERY EARLY!

Our Club  assisted the OAPC by looking after the Entrance Gates.

The front gate crew!

It is early, but folks are already enjoying the displays.

THANK YOU to ALL the VOLUNTEERS that make it all work!

Hard to imagine doing our laundry back in the old days.

Notice the engine on this modified tractor.

Entrance off the Church Parking lot was our responsibility, too.

Vintage National Cash Register at the Front Gate.

No, they are not avoiding work! Back Gate Duty.


That about wraps up Saturday . . .

. . . see you tomorrow!

A much better view of the Vintage Laundry Display.

Canopy is down and packed, now . . .

. . . time to get busy packing the rest of the gear.

Everything has its place . . .

. . . add the cover and were ready to go!

Jack receives a little golf instruction from our Chapter Pro!

That's it for this Event - Hope to see you in Vernon on Father's Day.

The COOK TRAILER will be out for the North Okanagan Chapter's Annual Father's Day Show & Shine. VOLUNTEERS will be required.

Just a SUPER TWO DAY Event!

The Okanagan Antique Power Club are a great bunch to work with!