2017  Events Page Six

Photographs contributed by Jack Bergeron, Al Dalsvaag, Bill Fleming, Garet Tanner, Lynn Waterston.

A 'TRADITION' continues  . . . 

. . . Okanagan Chapter supporting the North Okanagan Chapter.

Our cars in place, the ladies await the  . . .

. . .  Chapter Cook Trailer set up!

A  very successful day! Our freezer was emptied quickly! . . .

. . . which required several trips to the store!

Busy times at the 'Cook Trailer'.


North Okanagan Chapter Registration Crew were kept very busy.

Super weather brought out lots of vehicles and spectators.

Informants tell us that the lot was full by 10:00 am.

They began to park cars in the outside lot!

Here are a familiar couple from the North Okanagan Chapter!

A super group of spectators all day long!

This 1956 Mercury was definitely worth the Trophy it won!

This 1934 Roadster and Airstream trailer . . .

. . .  won a lot attention from the crowd as well as a Trophy!

This sure looks like our newest members 1923 Ford TT, what a beauty!

It also picked up some hardware!

A lovely 'Baby Bird' and . . .

. . .  a sample of the early Fords!

Ian's immaculate 1918 Model 490 Chevrolet was a major prize winner!

Word has it that a number of Chapter Members dropped by to say hello and purchase some food.

That sure looks like Arnold on the right!

A very appropriate combination for Father's Day!

Another successful day for the 'Cook Trailer Gang'.

A  THANK YOU to all Chapter Members who assisted today! It was great to see many of our members out for this popular Annual Event.

Jim Kehoe was along to help set up, cook and especially see that the new grill worked as hoped! Thanks Jim!!

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Cathy and Bruce who carried most of the responsibility for the Cook Trailer's, organization, operation and take down!

The owners of these two beauties were having coffee before heading off to separate events.

The Tanner's 1967 Dodge Charger was off to Predator Ridge Celebrations. 

The Rankin's 1963 Ford Galaxie attended the Mini Show & Shine in support of Glenmore Family Fun Days.



Bill still owes John a dusting!

One of our more pleasant venues! Good food, fun events to observe.

Bobby explains how his car got here without a motor! 

Not sure they believed him!

This year there weren't as many people checking out vehicles as in the past.

Al hopes to slow down his new neighbors! Thanks to the BCAA Display!

Yikes! Did I make that noise?

This young lady inquired about a rare Oldsmobile she used to own!

Thanks to Al and his phone, we were able to find some details for her.

Big surprise! The organizers decided to have a 'People's Choice Award'.

The weather was absolutely PERFECT!

Our spot in the shade was SUPERB!

The Hot dogs, treats, popcorn and water were APPRECIATED!

Couldn't ask for a BETTER DAY!

Hope to see you next year!

Gathering in West Kelowna for TUNKWA LAKE TOUR

A chance for chitchat before heading over the Connector to Merritt.

Load up folks! Next stop Merritt, and Tim Hortens!

Our great leaders, Otto & Lynn, lead us to Logan Lake. Jim lived here for several years, and he provided a private tour full of tales from when he lived here.

The Valiant was out, for the first time in two years, and it behaved well!

Notice the guys reading the sign board! 

How would you like to change and, or pay, for the tires on #50?

Tunkwa Lake and picnic time. However, it seems the Kamloops group are . . .

. . . on the other side of the Lake.

Lunch all finished, we then drove to the other side of the lake and . . .

. . . joined up with the Kamloops Chapter contingent.

Several Kamloops cars. Would that be Dave's '33 Hupmobile?

Three beauties from the Okanagan Chapter.

Fun chatting with folks from Kamloops.

So Jim, going to modify this one for July 1 Westside Daze Parade?

Time to load up and head on home!

Leaving Tunkwa Lake the group travelled down hill for several miles of beautiful countryside. Following the valleys down hill did test our brakes, however, we were happy to be going downhill, rather than up the hill! We arrived at Savona and headed into Kamloops on Highway 1. A few cars decided to return home via the connector. Some gassed up in Kamloops and headed east taking the Barnhartvale route to Monte Creek. A fun side trip! The Bergeron's arrived back in Oyama having travelled 292 miles (approx 500 km).

A fine day of touring.

THANK YOU, Lynn & Otto for organizing the adventure!