2018  Events Page Nine

Photos courtesy of Al Dalsvaag, Garet Tanner, Jacqueline Sauer, Bill Fleming,

New 'OLDIE' on the block!

Bob's recent aquisition. A 1957 Dodge Custom Royal.

The Hwy 97 still travels around this corner between OK Falls and Oliver.






The Tour was really a 'DRIVING TOUR' in which . . .

. . . a number of historical facts were presented, such as the 'BRENT MILL'.

The idea was only to point them out! We didn't stop to check them out.

There were several items to find and record along the way.

Such as the title of this place at 980 Dilworth Drive.

And . . . 

This clue was a bit difficult to see. The tree has grown since the tour was planned!

Note, the soon to be inservice traffic light for the 'Rails to Trails' Crossing on Sexsmith.

This Cold Storage was once part of the McLean & Fitzpatrick Fruit Packing Plant.

On the opposite side is the old B.C. Packers Fruit Packing Plant.

Note, both were on the defunct rail line, where packed fruit was shipped via rail.

We have safely made our way through the new interesection at Reid's Corner.

TC - This ranch has been in the Carney Family since 1900. At least up to 1990.

Originally called 'Ellison Airfield'. In 1946 the strip was 1500 feet of rough-levelled dirt.

The large tract of land, at the end of the airport, has a very interesting history dating back to the 1800's.

White rail fences! Look out for a left turn onto Teather Rd. Named after E.A, Teather who settled here in 1911.

Oops! Some missed the Right Turn onto Rittich Road. Dr. Eugene Anthony Rittich DL planted a vineyard in this area in 1931.

Control Tower at YLW.

This BOEING 747 Special Performance aircraft is at KF Aerospace for maintenace.

The 747 is the second largest aircraft to land at YLW - the largest was the Russian Antonov Transport that landed in 2009.

The peak under the little cloud is 'Little White Mountain'.

Refurbished 'Ellison School', opened in 1912. Building at a cost of approx $7.500.

The land was donated by George Whelan, in 1895 for the sole purpose of providing a school.

View looking back at the City from Lakha Road.

A very interesting person, Lakha Sing purchased land in this area in 1920.

The sun is setting and it is getting difficult to find answers in order to . . .

. . . fill in the blanks! Especially when they had small, obscure signs on a gatepost!.

Don't be fooled by this picture - was done the next day!

This is what it really was like a few moments after passing this attraction!

OK, who has the winning ticket for tonights tour?

And the answers are " . . . ."

Al & Diane's new vehicle! Pretty classy entrance light!!

This is one gorgeous MUSTANG!

Excerts from 'Return of the Zucca Melon' by Sharon Remple & Gyler Page.

For just over a decade, partly coinciding with the Second World War, a major Osoyoos-area crop was the zucca melon. These giant melons, sometimes exceeding 100 pounds, stood like white tombstones in fields when cut and stood an their ends.

The melons - actually a bottle gourd - were native to Africa, but seed made their way to Itlay, California and eventually to Osoyoos. In 1938, Herman Gummel obtained five seeds and grew them successfully. "As a result of these tests, zucca melons became one of the major crops of the district during the next few year." wrote George J. Fraser in the The Story of Osoyoos.

The melon was considered tasteless on its own, but the texture of the flesh allowed it to absorb colour and flavouring. They were diced, dyed and flavoured and used in fruitcakes and jams.

The zuccas thrived during the war years, when ocean shipping was restricted. After the war, the demand for melons decreased and growers' expenses rose. At the peak of production in 1947, more that 1,400 tons were grown. In the period when they were popular, hundreds of Osoyoos residents and visitors posed for photographs among the giant zuccas.

Hey! That looks like Dan's RUBBER CHICKEN has escaped!! 

2018 Interior Provincal Exhibition Saturday Parade.

Royalty ride in style in Myron & Laurie's 1956 Caddy & 1988 Chrysler.

Garet & Marnie's 1956 Fairlane with Lumby's Mayor.


Not really, another FIRST PLACE RIBBON for the Model T FORD .


A THIRD PLACE RIBBON for the 1956 Ford Fairlane!