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And now for something completely different.

I saw this creation at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA back in 2017. I thought it was pretty cool-looking, in an art deco, futuristic way. In the 1940's streamlined cars, airplanes and even bicycles were all the vogue so why not scooters? Foster Salsbury sure thought so. It all started when he saw Amelia Earhart riding a scooter at the Oakland airport in 1935. He decided right then and there to create a commercial version of her scooter. Together with inventor Austin Elmore they created a prototype that soon was marketed as the Salsbury Motor Glide. It closely resembled what re-surfaced in the 1960"s called a mini-bike. To learn more about the company and its varied products check out this website https://salsburyscooterscrapbooks.com/

Itís great there's a Canadian beginning to this story, Foster Salsbury was born in Elgin Manitoba back in 1907. According to google maps, Elgin now is not much more than a wide spot in the road (population 100). Records indicate Salsbury was an American citizen, living in California by 1927.

Salsbury"s marketing material for the Model 85 promoted its car-like brake and throttle controls and "automatic clutch and transmission." Furthermore the snoopy bodywork that all but concealed the wheels and "oily" mechanical bits kept the rider from getting dirty. 

There was some clever engineering going on underneath that sheet metal, single-sided front fork and rear swing-arm mean it was easy to fix a flat - just lean your 85 over and unbolt a wheel and get the spare out of the trunk and put it on. The 320 cc engine made just 6 horsepower, enough to get the scooter up to nearly 50 miles per hour - probably more fast enough considering only the rear wheel had brakes.

Sadly, the Model 85 was produced for only two years before the company was "helped" into bankruptcy by its competitors. The Cushman Motor Scooter Company (a much larger entity than Salsbury) saw that the Model 85 made their crudely designed scooter look like s**t, and that would be bad for business,

Nowadays the Salsbury Model 85 is gathering quite a following and the value of remaining "85ís" is going up Ė recently one with a Honda motorcycle engine sold on bringatrailer.com for over $24,000 US. 

I like it because it's unique and cool-looking - hope you do too.  

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