2017  Events Page Ten

Photos contributed by Jack Bergeron, Garet Tanner, Bill Fleming


Ian and Jack are all set up awaiting for the helpers to arrive!

Work is done!

Time to check out vehicles and swap tales or . . .

. . .  take some pictures!

OK! Who is hiding under the hat? . . .

. . . It's LINDA, the email lady who keeps us up todate concerning our Chapter Events!

A GREAT May Tour!

Need a new ride? Look no further. Call Larry for a great deal on his 1963 Ford Galaxie.

Here comes the North Okanagan contingent!

Myron & Laurie's '56 Caddy... still a treat to see!

A fine row of North Okanagan Chapter vehicles.

Checking out wedding pictures that no doubt included the 1918 Chevy 490!


A couple of 'Old CADDY OWNERS' chat it up!



Gord checks out the many recipients of the Chapter's Annual 'Hard Luck' Trophy.

A couple of Ford guys swap tales.

Daphne's 'Hat House' with guests from Germany!

Denise and Herbert assisted in providing a good Okanangan Welcome!

Yes! The'Hat House' has hats, lots and lots of hats!

Great to see Lil and Gordon out to todays event!

Dave's knew ride gets a professional appraisal!



What a Glorious Day!

Folks check out Jack's 1930 Ford Roadster.

The 'Gentlemen' discuss the finer points of the 'Cook Trailer Update'.


Today's 'Cook Trailer' crew are ready to get at it!

Griddles are hot and the cooks are busy cooking up a storm!

Just in case someone drops some goodies!

Fine grazing!

Say 'Cheese'.

It worked! Just part of today's North Okanagan Chapter group.

That's it folks! Time to clean up!

Ok Arnie! Time to move on, we need to pack up the table!

Three guys and two Supervisors, but they . . .

. . . were still able to figure on how it folded!

Time to pack it in and . . .

. . . head on home.

Bye for now!

What a wonderful day for a picnic!

Perfect setting, wonderful hosts, a great bunch of people and vehicles made for a perfect day!


A BIG THANK YOU to all that made it happen!

Bargain Hunters were out in the cold looking for . . .

. . . and getting some good deals!

The idea was to create some room in Bev's garage by . . .

. . . Auctioning off some of Gordon's treasures.

Jim took a moment to explain what the item was used for, then . . .

. . . getting the spirit of bidding up on the floor! Good job, Jim!