2018  Events Page Ten

Photos courtesy of Jack Oakes, Bill Fleming,


1942 Ford Super Deluxe

1929 Roosevelt Model 70

1918 Chevrolet 490 Touring

1940 La Salle 40 50

1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1953 Chevrolet - Modified.

1948 Oldsmobile Club Coupe

1930 Ford Model A

1973 GMC 1500

1951 Cadillac

Ian's 1918 Chevrolet was a Trophy Winner.

Jim's 1951 Cadillac was also a Trophy Winner.

Another fine day at the CHATSWORTH SHOW & SHINE!

For the record, we still have some smoke lingering about!

Please note, there were many other cars present, besides our

Vintage Car Club of Canada - Okanagan Chapter vehicles!

The OKANAGAN COLLEGE received its largest single donation, ever, at the Kelowna Campus on September 7, 2018.  Kelowna's Jacobsen family has gifted $1 million to the college's automotive trades program.

President Hamilton says some of the money will go to creating two new programs, and alternative fuel training program and a new technician program which is a two-year diploma program. Both are scheduled to be launched in about a year.  "Probably the most important thing of all is that about $250,000 will end up in the hands of students in the form of scholarships and bursaries," said Hamilton.


Al's 1963 Corvette was present to represent the year that the automotive program started at what was then a Vocational School.

Rhonda Jacobson-Lebedoff made the announcement on behalf of her mother Muriel, and brother Shayne.

For more than 40 years, Ron Jacobson operated Jacobson Pontiac Buick in Kelowna.

The second GM Product on display was a Chevrolet VOLT.


Time to clean out our storage room, for today is the . . .

. . . LAST MEETING at the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL! September 9, 2018

A few members arrived early in order to facilitate the move!

A reminder of the good old days! One of Bea's classy decorations!


Decisions, decisions . . . 

. . . what goes, what stays!


The storage items are sorted out into SAVE and GIVE-A-WAYS!

As folks arrive for the meeting, they take time to check things out!

Parking lot is looking good!

BOOK SALES are getting set up.

Gord finally has all the trophies for the AWARDS BANQUET.

Coffee is about to get started!

Josie keeps up to date on our ailing members

Boys, old guys shouldn't climb on 20 foot ladders!

Good thing you were only on the first rung when you tumbled Jack!

Govenors report.

Events Report.

Regalia, name plates and books.

Tours Report

Trophies Report.

Coffee time! Time to check out the parking lot for additional vehicles.


It's OK, Molly! Just looking!!

Some more time to check out the treasures!

Time to chat!

Shirley fills in for George, who is busy with his grape harvest!

Today's very interesting Education topic was all about the Mason Bee!

Excellent presentation Shirley!

Mr. Rock 'n Roll has a special motion! . . .

. . . Check out the minutes of the meeting for details!

OK FOLKS, it's time to move some items we don't want to store!

While Jim finds folks to take the take-a-ways, the keepers are being moved out!

Chapter HISTORY moves off to its new storage home.

Shirley enlists some assistance from Jim for the attendance prize.

Time to put the furniture back.

The last picture at the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS HALL!!