Photos by Bill Fleming, Garet Tanner.

SHOP TALK #1,  January 20

Carry on to see the story of this item was created!

Bob & Josie's 'covey' of California Quail!

Checking out the stanchions, created by Jake, not used since the Orchard Park Display Days. 

A couple of our Ford Model T enthusiasts chatting it up. 

Ian brought along  neat devices for . . .

. . .  shaping metal pieces. 

Amazing how it can bend metal to desired shape.

See Otto, this is the machine, if you want one!


THANK YOU, BOB, for Hosting the group and, IAN, for the neat demonstration.



A great turnout, considering the winter weather!












Glen asked us what this item was . . . 




A closer look at this 'Humidity' measuring device!




The 'MYSTERY ITEM' . . . 


. . . lots of ideas, but, nothing conclusive! ANY IDEAS!



An effective 'RACOON TRAP'. 


A closer look at the Racoon Trap . . .


. . . and comparing its size to Don's hand.

Check out the Buffalo's posture, see anything significant? 

Find out the details about these beautifully displayed items by

checking out these search addresses:



If they don't work, highlight and copy them, then paste them into your search engine.


Once again, THANK YOU BOB,  for hosting a fun session.

SHOP TALK #3,  March 15

'Just pass'in through'

Plenty of 'Supervisors' on this job!

Checking out the engine and a soon . . .

. . . another 'Collector Car".

Sunshine and warmer temperatures, boy's getting anxious to get their 'Tin' out!


Once again, THANK YOU BOB,  for hosting another fun session.


SHOP TALK #4,  April 19

Change of venue - Grease Monkey Ranch, i.e. Jim Carpenter's Shop.

Pictures courtesy of Garet & Bill.

Bob provided an informative experiment with ethanol.  

COFFEE and 'TIM HORTENS' are always welcomed!

Jim begins disassembling the overdrive tranny.

Didn't take long before other guys got involved.

Yes, it is a Ford Model engine head.  Any guesses on the other item?

This classic item was about 30" square . . .

. . . and yes, I think it was needlepoint! Please correct me if I am wrong!!!

A blast from the past! These are early 1980's examples of the Apple Computer. 

The stepup, but still with the large floppy disc.

More nostalgias - tube AM radios. 

The 'Million Dollar' view from 'Jims' office window

We see this 'Family Heirloom' from time to time!

You can really see the 'Ethanol' now!

Ian left us with an interesting question!

When you are in High Gear, essentially you are in direct drive - ie. no gears involved.

When you switch to Overdrive you now add in rotating gears.

So, HOW does this make it more efficient?

A very interesting day lots to take in.

Thanks to Bob for the demo on Ethanol and gasoline. Also Ian and a few other helpers on disassembling the overdrive tranny. Of course lots of chatter happened per usual.



THANK YOU JIM for hosting another interesting Shop Talk..