A selection of pictures from the various 2012 Chapter Events.


SHOP TALKS to while-a-way the Winter.


To cold to drive our vehicles, so we tried CURLING.

Annual Kamloops Chapter EASTER PARADE.

Pre-parade assembly on the Westside.

Lots of folks lined the streets as we drove to River Park.

Westside Fire Dept. Show & Shine at Fintry Park.



Excellent Garage Tours . . .

Tour included this restored Saw Mill.

Along with many beautiful vehicles.

Not to often that we see an impressive Motorcycle displays.


Of course it wouldn't be a May Tour with out 'Valve Car' Races.

Thursday Nite Tours departing from Mission Creek Park.

Tonight's Tour.

Just reminder of some 'Local History'.

North Okanagan Chapter Annual 'Father's Day' Show & Shine.

Our Chapter Cook Trailer provides the Food Services each year.

A popular Show & Shine with some great vehicles to admire.

Time to head  home after another North Okanagan Father's Day Show & Shine.

Father Pandosy Tractor Show.

Another important 'Cook Trailer' appearance.

The Chapter 'Valve Car Track' was popular among the youngsters and . . .

. . . a couple of Adults! 

The visitors were treated to Massive Steam Tractor, Tractors, a variety of small engines along with some trucks..

Just had to add in this picture of Larry along with Bach's restored truck.

Another super guy Jake swaps tales with another Tractor guy.


Impressive collection of vehicles on display.

WOW! the VOLT actually runs on ELECTRICITY! An interesting concept?

Al fires up the Ford Model T to head on home after a SUPER DAY!

Thursday Nite Tour Departing from Mission Creek Park.


McCurdy Corner staging area for . . .

. . .  the Annual Yankee Flats 'Chicken Run'.

A large get-to-gather of Car Enthusiasts. Shuswap, North Okanagan, Okanagan Chapters, plus other Local Car Clubs were present.

Ron's collection of worthy projects and parts.

The 'SHOP' where it all happens

Lining up for Pot Luck and Chicken prepared by the Shuswap Chapter.

What a wonderful time!  The weather held to the end . . . 

. . . but, a little 'Liquid Sunshine' to head home in!

Courtesy of Dayton! From before we joined the VCCC.

Another Thursday Nite Tour departing from Mission Creek Park.

Destination, Jake and Julie's beautiful property.

Lining up for Annual Rutland May Day Parade.

Thursday Nite Tour to the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.


Tremblay Campout on the Kettle River.

Okanagan Centre Family Affair. 

Annual 'Under the K' Show & Shine.


Starting point toady is Constable Neil Bruce Middle School in West Kelowna.

Dennis is busy setting up for the 'Poker Run'.

Bill hands out some information sheets and suggests the decorum for the run.

An interesting pause in Keremeos.



A very interesting 'Historical Stop' for a lunch break. Well worth a visit on a Summer drive!


Popular during the U.S. Prohibition. Stories abound of locals supplying the Yanks. 

Today's Tour Organizers and Leaders.

This old building is part of the Historical Judge Haynes legacy.

Time to move on, just a little push to make up for a dead battery!

GOOGLE John Carmichael Haynes for interesting information on his endeavours.


Being at the tip of the Sonoran Desert, a little shade is very welcomed! 

The best hand for today's 'Poker Run Pot' . . . 

. . . was held by Carol!

No intelligent being would pass up TICKLEBERRY ICE CREAM in OKFalls.


A wonderful day for a Drive with many interesting sights along the way,

along with some great stops to visit and explore.

Thank You to Dennis and Bill for planning the day.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the particiapted!




Sun Pointe Village Show & Shine.

North Okanagan Inter Chapter Gathering at the Roper's.

Okanagan Chapter Inter-Chapter BBQ at the Bergeron's.

Chapter General Meeting at Rutland Knights of Columbus Hall.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at 2012.