A glimpse into the early beginnings of the OKANAGAN VINTAGE CAR CLUB .

The start of the Okanagan Vintage Car Club: then Okanagan Chapter of the Vintage Car club of Canada. As prepared by Dayton Ross.  

The Chapter is now called the 'Kelowna Classics Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada'.

"While I was having my hair cut in Roy Sisetki's Barber Shop I saw a picture of Roy's Model A, and the talk got around to old cars. Roy is a lifetime member of the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club and I was a member of the Vintage Car Club of Canada from October 1960. We thought it would be nice if we could get a club going here in Kelowna. Roy knew Marvin Lewis and Stan Titanch and I passed a house on my home from town with a Model A in the carport. The name on the mail box was Chic Gray. I phoned Chic and he was interested and gave me the names of 9 others that he thought would also be. I phoned them all and Gordon Thomas was one. The first meeting was held in Roy's Barbershop and the club was started with the following 6 original members: Roy Sisetki, Dayton Ross, Chic Gray, Gordon Thomas, Marvin Lewis and Stan Titanch."  


Roy Sisetki's owned a 1928 Ford Model A Sports Roadster.

"He purchased this car, which had 14,000 original miles on it, in 1960 from the original owner in Foam Lake, Sask., and drove it to Kelowna in August 1966. He says the car is in "mint" condition. A newcomer to Kelowna, Mr. Sisetki was instrumental in starting the Okanagan Vintage Car club here. The First President was C.W. (Chic) Gray."  



Snippets from our Clubs beginnings taken from a SCRAP BOOK dated Nov.1967 to May 1971. Not sure who created it. 

November 1967. Club Newsletter & Editor Chic Gray.

“It all started in a one chair Barber Shop. The first meeting was announced by word of mouth, and six Vintage Car enthusiasts turned up for a Sunday afternoon meeting. The Membership has grown to eighteen since that first meeting." (See picture along with details and a picture of the Red, White and Blue Oval Plaque above.)

"Since the inception of the Club, monthly Meetings are held, usually on the first Sunday afternoon of each month. It is anticipated that during the Spring and Summer months, the Meetings will be held in Different Valley communities. To date, Activities included representation in the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade. Ford Vintage Cars displayed at the Official Opening the largest Ford Dealership in the Okanagan Valley – Arena Motors of Kelowna.

Also, Vintage Cars, led by Bill Brown’s 1902 Holsman, entered in the Brier Cup Parade. A Constitution Committee was formed. They are drawing up a set of bylaws for the group to accept. A great deal of discussion has taken place with reference to affiliating with the Vintage Car Club of Canada. No decision has been made either way on this affiliation. Membership in the Okanagan Club at present is only Family Membership at $7.50 per year. Included in the price is the Purchase of a Red, White and Blue Oval Plaque. Ford Model T & A’s of all styles, Chevrolets, McLaughlan Buicks, Studebakers, Overlanders, Plymouths, and a 1902 Holsman are but a few cars owned by Members of Okanagan Vintage Car Club.

The pulse of the Okanagan Vintage Car club is to display the old timers and show them as often as possible. The first club outing will be in the Spring, possibly the May 24 weekend. It is hoped that 12 Okanagan Vintage Club cars will in running condition and on display.”

December 3, 1967. From the Meeting Minutes. Meeting held in the Centennial Room of the Kelowna Arena. Chic Gray Elected as President. Bill Austin Volunteered to be Secretary-Treasurer. Various Committees were formed including Roy Sisetki, Chuck Robertson, Doug Pitman, Roy Johnson, Gordon Thomas, Stan Titanich, Marvin Lewis. Roy Sisetki moved that we limit the business portion of the meeting to 1 hour and 5 minutes. Seconded by Chuck Robertson. The thought was to have a gab session after the meeting for those who wanted to stay.”

April 1968. Club Newsletter. “One of the main topics for discussion at the April Meeting will be centred around planning for the 24th of May week-end Vintage Car Caravan. George Hoffman from Vancouver will be our guest at the Meeting. He is one of the committee members of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of CANADA. Any person wishing to join the OKANAGAN VINTAGE CAR CLUB will be most welcome to attend. One of the prerequisites is the person must on a Vintage Car, that is one which was manufactured before 1936, or he genuinely interested in vintage car restoration.”  


1st ANNUAL MAY DAY OKANAGAN VINTAGE CAR PARADE. “At the recent monthly meeting of the Okanagan Vintage Car Club, plans were finalized for the forthcoming May Day Car Cavalcade.

    The assembly point will be at Shops Capri Sunday morning, May 19th, with the tour starting at 11:30 A.M. sharp. The tour will progress through the Glenmore District and arrive at the Rutland Centennial Hall at 12:00 noon. The cars will be on display for 15 minutes before the tour continues through East Kelowna and Okanagan Mission areas arriving at the Okanagan Mission’s quaint Hotel, the Eldorado Arms, at 1:30 P.M..

    John Hindle, Innkeeper of the Eldorado Arms, offered his facilities to the Vintage Car Club as a water stop for the old cars and a relaxation stop for the passengers and drivers. Since the Eldorado is known for its English motif and quaintness, a TEA and CRUMPET PARTY is planned. The cars will be on show to the public.  At 2:00 P.M. the tour will hear north along Lakeshore Road and Abbott Street into Kelowna City Park.

    At approximately 2:45 P.M. the antique cars will be heading west across Okanagan Lake Bridge and through Lakeview Heights area to Mission Hills and onto Westbank. After driving over part of the Original Highway 97, around Shannon Lake, the cars will travel directly to Peachland for a no host picnic.

    It is anticipated that Vintage car owners from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will be travelling to Kelowna to participate in this firs Annual May Day Cavalcade. Owners of Vintage cars, regardless of whether they belong to the Okanagan Vintage Car Club are most welcome to participate. There is no registration fee. Any Vintage car regardless of its conditions., as long as it is in safe operating condition, it is welcome to participate Sunday, May 19th.”  

   "Our (Okanagan Vintage Car Club) First May Tour 1968. 8 cars participated. We toured around the Kelowna Area. We ended at Peachland School yard with a picnic." 

REGATTA PARADE: "Gord Thomas - 1930 Ford Victoria, Roy Sisetki - 1928 Ford Model A, George Hoffman - 1928 Ford Model T, Irv Marshall - 1929 Ford Model A.

  Our club received $10.00 from Inland Gas for advertising. It was thought by the Membership, that this would be a very of good way of raising money. Next year we plan on having more cars and more sponsors."

January 1, 1969. 

Okanagan Vintage Car Club is now the 'OKANAGAN CHAPTER' of the 'VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF CANADA'.


January 25, 1969. “We held our 1st Annual Banquet, Meeting and Dance in the Peachland Legion Hall. There were 42 members and guest present. A very successful event."  


Sunday May 18, 1969 - The SECOND ANNUAL MAY TOUR. "Nine Vintage Autos participated, with many more members coming in their new cars. The oldest car was a 1915 Brass 'T'. The newest a 1947 Continental. Roy Sisetki's original 1928 Ford Model A Roadster, along with Irv Marshall's restored 1929 Model A pickup, and Henry Falck's original condition 1931 Chevy were part of the tour to OK Falls, around Skaha Lake back to Penticton, and then onto Summerland Experimental Farm for an old-time Victory Day picnic."

Excerpts from a Newspaper article regarding the May Tour: "There are at least 100 vintage cars in the Okanagan, says Okanagan Chapter President Irv Marshall of Rutland, although we have only 25 members in the club. He said these people who own vintage vehicles 30 years old or older (1939 or earlier), are welcome to join in Sunday's drive and activities."


REGATTA PARADE & CAR SHOW. " We had a very good turn-out with ten cars participating. The Club made $125.00 from Sponsorships."

Oct 1969 - 1922 McLaughlin Car used by Bridal Couple. "Congratulations Dayton and Marie." Dayton was one of the Okanagan Vintage Car Club Founding members..

Sept. 1, 1969 - MANNING PARK. "Roy Johnson in his 1940 Plymouth and Irv Marshall in his 1929 Model A Ford were the only people who drove their old cars from our area." There is no mention of the cars that may have been driven up from the Coast.

Nov. 29, 1969 - SECOND ANNUAL BANQUET MEETING AND DANCE. " Peachland Athletic Hall. Dinner Tickets $2.50 each and Refreshments 5 for $2.00.  Cocktails at 6:30, Dinner at 7:15, with Dancing to 1:00 AM." Gordon Thomas & Doug Pitman made the arrangements. There were 84 Members and Guests."


Feb. 1970 - VERNON WINTER CARNIVAL.  The Marshall's in their 1930 Ford Model A were the only Chapter participants this year.

May 16, 17, and 18. - 3rd ANNUAL OKANAGAN CHAPTER MAY TOUR:

Local Newspaper Clipping: "While some of the fastest cars in Canada are burning up Knox Mountain some of the slowest, and most cherished, will be on the highways. Kelowna Vintage Cars will be among those from all over the Okanagan that will muster in Salmon Arm for the two-day Annual May Tour. A vintage car rodeo and judging are also planned. Vintage car owners wishing to participate can register Saturday afternoon at the Salmon Arm Golf and Country Club."

ENTRY FORM included Name , Tour Fee $5.00, Address, etc.. Conditions: 1) Each vehicle must be in sound and road worthy condition and be licensed ad insured as laid down in the Motor Vehicle Act. 2) All drivers shall drive in a sane and sensible manner. 3) Signed Entry Form, plus cheque or money order must be in by May 1, 1970. 4) Make cheques of money orders payable to Tour Chairman I. Marshall, Rutland. 5) Membership in Okanagan Vintage Car Club is not a prerequisite for participation in the tour. 6)Neither the Vintage Car Club of Canada nor the Okanagan Chapter assumes any liability of any sort for person or vehicles while on this tour. 7) Parking facilities available for a limited number of vehicles.  Signed ___________________.


"Cars from Edmonton, Banff, Kamloops, Cascade and all points in Okanagan converged on Salmon Arm for the Third Annual Okanagan Chapter May Tour.  The weekend got under way with registration at the Salmon Arm Golf Club Saturday afternoon. Everyone returned for a cocktail hour at 6 P.M.. This was followed by a very good supper. Motel and Tent parties finished off the evening. Sunday events started with a tour to Three Valley Gap where we toured Frontier town courtesy of the owner, Mr. Gordon Bell. Sunday evening Car Rodeo was organized with a potatoes race, back seat driver event, etc.. The rodeo was viewed by an estimated 200 Salmon Arm residents. Again, parties finished off the evening. Monday morning at 9 A.M. we left Salmon Arm for the O'Keefe Ranch. After a tour of the Ranch, the tour was officially over."  According to the Newspaper clipping, COUGH, SPUTTER, BANG ,CRASH, THEY'RE OFF TO SALMON ARM the cars were on display at the  Three Valley Gap and the O'Keefe Ranch stops.

The Vintage Car Club of Canada (VCCC) was formed in Vancouver in 1958 by a group of old-car enthusiasts. The founders intended to register the Club as the Vintage Car Club of B.C.; however, that name had been taken by a group on Vancouver Island . The Club, therefore, decided to use the name Vintage Car Club of Canada even though all local Chapters are currently located within the province of B.C.. The purpose of our Club is to encourage the restoration, preservation, and display of our cars. If you have an interest in cars, you are welcome to join with us. You do not need to own a car to become a member of this Club. The VCCC provides several services. The Club carries liability insurance that covers the activities sponsored by local Chapters.  They publish a bi-monthly journal called the VINTAGE CAR as well as an Annual Roster of all members. They sponsor the annual May Tour. They maintain the Club website at www.vccc.com and make regular submissions to the government concerning vintage car insurance as well as offering input regarding vehicle testing and emissions. The Club holds membership in a larger organization the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada.

     They plan many local activities and take part in events organized by other Car Clubs around the province and in the United States. Each local Chapter is regulated by the VCCC constitution. Virtually all our Club activities are planned and conducted by local Chapters. 

    The VCCC has expanded steadily over the past 50 + years and now includes families belonging to 24 local Chapters. Twice each year, a locally elected Governor from each Chapter attends a meeting to conduct the business of the National Club. Between these semi-annual meetings, the Club Executive that deals with routine matters.

Our KELOWNA CLASSICS CHAPTER, formally the OKANAGAN CHAPTER, follows the constitution and by-laws of the National Club. The constitution is printed in the annual roster. Our Chapter Executive meets monthly to plan activities and conduct routine business. The Directors are assigned to specific portfolios for each year. All major issues are referred to the general membership at a regular meeting. The two Governors represent our chapter at the National level meetings. All club members are encouraged to be involved and be part of our executive. Elections are held in the fall each year.  


The women of our Club have formed an auxiliary group which meets to plan activities for themselves and to support the activities of the entire Club. They also look after the pins issued to members for years of membership in the VCCC and sell Club T shirts and hats, etc at regular meetings.


We meet at 2:00 PM on the first Sunday of each month. From September to April we meet at our meeting location announced on the club Web Page. The club provides coffee and refreshments at the meetings. From May to August the meetings are usually held in conjunction with an outdoor activity. We try to have some special presentation at each regular General Meeting. The talks are brief and informative. We also respond to requests from members and arrange local and distant driving tours. We also provide Show & Shines for many of our local Retirement Resorts.

The Scrap Book, and the above items included from it, is still a work in progress!

Capital News photos (Sept . 1997) - Gerry's 1941 Chevrolet.

The first 'Field of Dreams' Car Show.

I believe this show (The Field of Dreams), became an Annual Show in City Park for a few years. Eventually it became to costly for our Chapter to run on.

Each year on Father's Day, there is a Show & Shine in Vernon's Village Green Mall, presented by the North Okanagan Chapter of the VCCC. On the same day in Kelowna City Park there is also a Show & Shine. For years this was sponsored by Boyd's Auto Body.